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Welcome to the Mansion  

This site is a showcase for my personal collection of  collectible dolls - all kinds and all colors - but  I mainly  focus on Black dolls - from antique and vintage to modern.    I collect  antique dolls within my budget, but I also like quality antique reproductions.    I love modern fashion dolls like CEDs, Genes, and Robert Tonners dolls - especially the Tyler Wentworth and American Model dolls. 

Kimi by
Annette Himstedt

Alani and Kimi 33"
by Annette Himstedt


Earlier Himstedt doll,
Fatou, 1986,
by Annette Himstedt


Constance and Colin
19" Articulated
Fashion Dolls by CED


Holiday London
CED Doll 19"

Black American Model 22"
by Robert Tonner  

EJ8 Jumeau
Reproduction 19"
by Dawn Johnson

Colette Bride
by Tonner 19"

French Fashion
19" FG Repro by Kobbeman



"Little Mary" Riley 8"
by Helen Kish

Black China  19"
Reproduction  Doll 

Please check back again. 

I am in the process of updating this site. 


Larger image


Simon and Halbig 1079 antique doll, composition body..  17" tall

Larger image

Kali - 32" Porcelain Bru JneR  by doll artist Jamie Englert.


Sarah Jane - SFBJ 26" Reproduction by doll artist Patricia Loveless.


Larger image

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Below are the main sections of this site.  For most pictures - click on them for a larger view.


Modern and Contemporary style dolls 


Fashion Dolls


Barbie Dolls - Vintage and Modern


Antique and Vintage style dolls                  


African and Ethnic style dolls 






I also have a collection of doll and child size porcelain tea sets. 

Thanks for coming by!

Marie Lewis

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