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Hi.   have been collecting dolls for many years.    I have an extensive collection, but they aren't all sterling examples of the craft.  I had to work my way up like so many collectors - one doll (or two or three) at a time.   

 I have always tried to collect nice dolls, though, because I wanted to be proud of my collection.  Just like in real life, however, there are a few dolls who could use a trip to the mall for a new dress or wig or shoes.     Others, I have packed away until I could devote time to display them better or find them new homes.    Oh, well... in time. 

I finally retired from my job, and can finally devote more time to my hobbies.    I have dolls that have been trying to glare at me with their gentle eyes  because I haven't put their picture on the web yet.   Dolls don't glare very well......but I got the message.    I hope to have new things for you to see in the future     Perhaps I'll also do a blog - perhaps have more pictures on Flickr.   Please check back.   

And, in case you're wondering - no, there's no real mansion.   You have to use your imagination - something pretty abundant in the world of doll collecting.     

Thanks for visiting. 







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