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African Heritage

Kola and Buba - 29" vinyl dolls

zobeface.jpg (36644 bytes)
Zobe - 22" Porcelain

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Hadiza - 21" Porcelain

Camisha - 18" Porcelain

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Dara - 15" vinyl

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 Sera - 20" porcelain

Sera, Camisha and Dara


Kenyan Barbie


African dolls as the doll hobby knows them usually have beautiful clothes in African colors!!  They rarely are "imported from Africa" or even  reflect African features or hair.  Some do, some don't.  But, dolls do not necessarily have to reflect our  real society.    How many real Barbies do we know? 

Artists who make quality African-looking dolls usually command high prices - and they should.  Those dolls are usually rarer and reflect talent and originality.  Philip Heath and Annette Hemstedt are two artists who have done more lifelike dolls of color.    For older collectible dolls, a good start is the Shindana line from the 60's.

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